About the Sensor Seal

December 9, 2023
Conveyor belts are indispensable to crucial sectors such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. These complex systems serve as the lifeblood of operations, moving materials with impressive efficiency that cuts costs and heightens productivity. Despite their robust design, conveyor systems frequently encounter challenges including persistent wear, strenuous environmental conditions, and the potential for mechanical failures. Often, idlers—the rotating cylinders that support the belt—are the components most susceptible to these issues.
The risk that idlers pose to system integrity is not trivial; contamination, varying temperatures and other external factors can lead to premature wear or sudden failure. The repercussions can be severe: from belt misalignment and costly operational halts to extreme scenarios where fires are ignited. Current idler maintenance methods, including visual inspection, acoustic monitoring, thermal imaging, and other industrial IoT solutions fall short due to their labour-intensive nature, susceptibility to environmental noise, or prohibitive cost—further complicated by inaccuracy and impracticality for comprehensive conveyor evaluation.

An Innovative Leap in Conveyor Monitoring

Lorbrand has sought to address the existing gaps in conveyor belt monitoring with the introduction of the Sensor Seal. Designed as a state-of-the-art low-cost device, the Sensor Seal is installed at the end of a Lorbrand idler and meticulously gathers critical performance data, then sends it wirelessly to a sophisticated monitoring system. The most impressive part? It achieves this with zero wiring, harnessing power exclusively from the idler's rotation. Sensor Seals use an advanced mesh network to relay information, ensuring seamless communication between units and allowing messages to efficiently reach an internet-connected gateway.

Advantages and Features of the Sensor Seal

The Sensor Seal marks a significant advancement in conveyor technology by offering a suite of compelling features:
  • Affordable and reliable design, coupled with a custom mesh network protocol, renders full-scale conveyor monitoring with Sensor Seals both feasible and practical.
  • Ease of deployment is delivered through a wireless handheld device utilising RFID technology, enabling on-site activation with seamless integration.
  • Operational speeds ranging from 250 to 1,200 rpm.
  • An onboard accelerometer facilitates vibration analysis directly from the idler.
  • Precision temperature monitoring of the shaft at 0.5°C resolution, crucial for determining idler health by monitoring trends.
  • Accurate rpm measurements (±0.05%) further expand use cases, such as replacing traditional speed sensors on weigh scales.

Harnessing Machine Learning for Proactive Maintenance

The Sensor Seal employs a series of machine learning algorithms both on-device and within the monitoring system, collaborating to analyse and interpret data patterns to predict and flag potential idler malfunctions. The system's intelligence extends to:
  • Assessing idler condition by drawing on historical and real-time information.
  • Delivering timely alerts upon detecting anomalies.
  • Recommending maintenance scheduling to preserve optimal functionality.
  • Estimating an idler's remaining lifespan, allowing for strategic planning.

Unmatched Connectivity and Security

  • High-capacity wireless communication with international frequency band compatibility.
  • Encrypted data transfer ensures maximum security.
  • Straightforward, secure over-the-air firmware updates keep the Sensor Seals at the technological forefront.
  • A robust gateway supports extensive Sensor Seal networks and meshes seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
  • Flexible data access through a REST API or open-source server software caters to bespoke applications.

Availability and Lorbrand's Commitment

Currently under development, the Sensor Seal is seeking interested parties for further discussions about its potential benefits. Those anticipating its release or wishing to discover more about how this groundbreaking device can benefit their operations are encouraged to reach out at info@lorbrand.com or via the Lorbrand contact form.
Lorbrand is a leading manufacturer of conveyor components, with over three decades of experience in delivering high-quality products worldwide. With our innovative approach and engineering expertise, we aim to provide solutions that enhance conveyor performance, efficiency, and reliability.
The Sensor Seal is poised to redefine conveyor maintenance, shifting from reactive to proactive measures, thus averting expensive downtimes and extending the lifecycle of your conveyor system investments.
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