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Conveyor Monitoring
The Sensor Seal is an affordable wireless device for full-scale conveyor monitoring that uses machine learning to predict and detect idler failure and provide a comprehensive analysis of conveyor health.
Sensor Seal fitted on a shaft

Why Sensor Seal?

Smart Idler Health Analysis
The Sensor Seal Remote Monitoring System uses multiple machine learning models that work in tandem to accurately determine the health status of idlers rolls, provide alerts when any anomolies are detected, and suggest optimal maintenance schedules.
On-Device Vibration Analysis
The measurements from the built-in accelerometer are analyzed by a machine learning model running on the Sensor Seal itself and assists in predicting idler roll failure.
Shaft Temperature Measurement
By regularly monitoring the shaft temperature, the Sensor Seal is able to detect and predict multiple failure cases on both ends of the idler roll, such as bearings, bearing housings, and bearing seats.
Accurate rpm Measurement
Measurement of idler rpm with better than ±0.05% accuracy allows the Sensor Seal to be used for additional use cases, such as weigh scales.
Easy Installation
Idlers fitted with Sensor Seals can be easily installed on site with a handheld device that wirelessly powers the Sensor Seal and obtains its identity information to link it to the installed location.
Robust Communication
Sensor Seals form a redundant mesh network with one another, allowing sensor measurements to be realiably sent to an internet-connected gateway. Only a single gateway is required for a conveyor with tens of thousands of Sensor Seals.